Industrial equipment is subject to conformity requirements. You need timely and efficient solutions to help you stay compliant and competitive within your Industry, as well as an Inspections, Testing, and Certification partner that has your goals in mind. We help you to overcome your certification challenges. 

Lifting equipment is necessary and plays an important role in the industrial world, the equipment is used from building installation or factory facility to the final production stage of a company.

Over time, the damage to the structure of the equipment such as wear or fracture cannot be avoided. Therefore, Inspection, testing, and certification of equipment are essential to ascertain whether the equipment is still in compliance with the current and standard or whether an immediate repair should be made.

Failure in this procedure can result in work accidents, damage to the equipment itself can impact the surrounding environment.

PT. Indo Inspeksi Utama is an independent company with competence in equipment Inspection, Testing, and Certification. We work with our clients from the planning, deployment, and periodic verification to the certification of their equipment. 


OUR vision

Being a leader in quality technical inspection.



Build Indonesia through improving the quality of industrial equipment technical inspection.